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Our teaching approach


Consolidation is the crucial stage of learning where new material is reviewed and knowledge is reinforced. It’s basically the brain turning a new idea into long-term understanding. A focus on consolidation helps children to develop a learning capacity and reach their academic potential.


We work closely with school teachers and parents to identify and address specific needs and problem areas that need improvement. Lessons act as an extension of class work; they prepare learners for assessments and meet the requirements of the CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) curriculum.


Last but not least! Learners are encouraged to tap into that superpower of childhood – curiosity. Fun and engaging lessons facilitate understanding and help children develop a lifelong love of learning.

Meet Aloës

Hi! I’m a learning enthusiast with many years of teaching under my belt. I’m a mom and a teacher and I understand the value of a solid foundation and that each child’s learning experience is unique. This is the driving force behind the Tutor Hub’s vision.

It is my belief that each child deserves to feel confident and safe when learning new concepts and that learning should happen at their pace and not ours. I am passionate about giving quality support and creating a comfortable learning environment.


Mother of:2 beautiful little children
Teaching philosophy:All students can learn and want to learn. It is my job to
meet them where they are at, build their confidence and allow them to succeed.
Qualifications:4-year BEd degree in education
Honours degree in remedial therapy and learning

Our Tutors

Lize-Mari van Dyk

Caroline Hutton

Claire Hutton

Denise Strud

Linda Pines

Karin Hamman

Linda Cora

Susan Kirstein

Carina Bresler

Marika Oelofse

Lee Scott Rogers

Adele Roets

Margie Bunding

Marianne Laurie

Anien le Roux

Albie Lombard

Lizelle Mouton

Eduan van Niekerk

Anlie van Zijl

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