To our Tutor Hub Family… A little note to express our immense gratitude and deep appreciation for all your support – We’ve journeyed together from one child to another… it’s been an amazing partnership.

I think we can all agree, that as parents we always want the very best for our children, and we never want to see them struggle to a point that they have low confidence in their own ability and performance. More recently, after 1st receiving the assessment feedback for our youngest… we didn’t know where to start, I remember clearly how anxious and concerned we felt. We immediately reached out to you, Mrs.K – The only safe place for us to reach for support when facing any learning challenges/barriers with our children.

Just like before you very calmly reassured us, went away and came up with an amazing personalised learning support plan – Tailor made and fit for purpose, to address the specific areas that requires attention. This is so important to us as every child’s learning style differs, accompanied with their own special and unique little personalities – and Mrs.K takes all of these factors into consideration when structuring a support plan, and in pairing our children with a “tutor”.

To anyone wondering – The Tutor Hub team are incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and extremely passionate about the support they deliver – they are highly professional, yet warm and caring. Attentive, with clear boundaries – which strikes a perfect balance for a positive, productive learning environment. The team is collaborative, flexible, resourceful, efficient and most importantly invested in your child.

To note, both our children are performing well at school – my youngest in particular have made such a great turn-around as his confidence is soaring, he has a positive outlook towards learning now and believes in his abilities. Thank you.

~ Warm Regards, Koopman Family ~

We can’t thank the Tutor Hub’s staff enough for their support and guidance in our son’s academic development. He has shown tremendous growth in his school work and tackles Mathematics with much confidence. The tutors are patient and always available to meet student’s specific needs. As parents we have peace of mind that our child is in good hands.

~ Sheenah Rose ~

Tutor Hub is definitely the answer if your child is struggling and needs an extra class. I will recommend tis professional and proficient team any day.  They are accommodating and their communication is exceptional. My son is comfortable and the speed at which they work is acceptable and beneficial to us both; and he actually looks forward to extra class. His marks improved and their price is affordable. Every child’s needs  are considered and they align lessions in accordance to the individuals’ strong and weak points. The lessons are worked out according to need and affordability. I can ask Aloes or her team for feedback and discuss problems with confidence. I give them top marks for service, professionalism, communication, adaptability and willingness.

~ Susan Berning ~

Aloës, Margot & Tutor Hub: Julle sal nooit besef hoe baie julle vir my en my kinders beteken nie! Regtig! Julle dink namens my en namens my kinders en om nie eens te praat van die geduld wat die juffrouens het nie!  Ons is so dankbaar vir julle.

~ Liezel Kotze ~

The Tutor Hub was my saving grace during a time where the schools were on & off in Lockdown. Having friendly teachers with a passion for education, it was just what my children needed. I have two boys who have been diagnosed with ADHD and need a little extra tutoring and for this The Tutor Hub has been my go to! The teachers there are just amazing, they are angels!

~ Suzelle Roux ~

My son was in Grade R when he started with Tutor Hub. Lockdown came and the kids were out of school for a long time and when they returned it was on a rotational basis. I felt that he needed support as foundation phase skills are so important! He absolutely loves going to his extra lesson, more excited for that than school! The teachers are super friendly and he loves them to bits. He has benefited so much. He reads thoroughly and loves maths! Thank you Tutor Hub!

~ Jeneane Cupido ~

Eben het by die Tutor Hub begin in April 2020 tydens die ‘Covid-19 lockdown’ en die skole gesluit was. Ons was baie bekommerd omdat dit die eerste jaar van die grondslagfase was, maar danksy die Tutor Hub het hy definitief ‘n voorsprong gehad met skoolwerk.
Toe die skole weer kon open, was dit ‘n nuwe uitdaging om tussen groepe kinders in die klas te fokus. Die individuele aandag wat hy met lesse gekry het, het baie gehelp om stelselmatig aan te pas in die klas. Eben geniet die lesse baie, en floreer in sy skoolwerk, veral in Wiskunde en Engels. Ons is regtig dankbaar vir die hulp en ondersteuning wat Eben ontvang van hierdie wonderlike span onderwysers. Hulle is vriendelik, passievol en gee baie om vir die leerders en hul vordering.
Baie dankie aan Aloës, Lize en die hele span!

~ Karen Maree ~

I joined the Tutor Hub in June/July of my Grade 11 year. Maths was an immense struggle for me and caused me so much anxiety that I had very little hope left. After some trial and error my maths Tutor Linda and I found a sufficient rhythm to work in and now as I approach my June/ July exams in grade 12 I feel a lot more confident and prepared for the maths exams ahead. The tutor hub helped me with my confidence, time management and various other skills that help me work through my maths papers one step at a time. I already have all my extra maths lessons slotted into my schedule for the preparation of the upcoming exams. “ Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas” – Albert Einstein

~ Hannah Singe, Grade 12 ~

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